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evolved Natural Solutions (evolvedNS) is a healthy lifestyle brand with a mission to blend pharmaceutical-grade, research-based nutraceuticals and a continuously improving mindset to achieve optimum health and longevity. We offer customized supplement solutions for faster and superior health and fitness results.

We believe our products are evolved to perfection, combining the latest science-based research with ingredients made by nature. We manufacture all our products in small batches to ensure you get the freshest, most nutrient-dense supplements on the market. evolvedNS is a family-owned and operated business with the customer always at the forefront.

Our Mission

To share knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle through smart supplementation and a continuously improving mindset. 

evolved Natural Solutions Team

Troy and Taneen Delaney have always valued whole food nutrition. There came a time with kids and working full-time jobs that the all-important whole food meals began to fall to the waste-side. Since the Delaney’s understood the importance of core nutrition, they decided to supplement when needed. The problem they ran into was that all the supplements they tried didn’t work, tasted awful, or contained undesirable or even harmful ingredients.

With two kids in tow, they decided to make it their mission to develop the highest quality supplements that tasted great and actually worked. Now the Delaney’s have proudly developed a company that encompasses exactly what they set out to find; a company made by nature, based on science, and evolved to perfection. Through all their research and development, they have empowered themselves with knowledge and have set out to educate others on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle (check out their blog: evolved Life).

Troy Delaney, XPT Certified Coach

Troy is a NCCPT-Certified Personal Trainer and XPT Certified Coach, and a dedicated researcher and self-experimenter. He writes on his personal blog My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy But It Works. He has also co-authored a book, How Should I Eat? Living Paleo. Troy uses a unique blend of ancestral science, behavioral change and modern technology to help men and women reprogram their body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance. Troy’s true specialty lies in finding unconventional, and often disruptive, solutions to impediments to achieving maximum potential, whatever your goal may be.

Find out more about working with Troy One-on-One here.

Playing with his wife and kids • Snowboarding • Mountain biking • Fitness, nutrition & recovery research (and applying it!)

Bucket List Accomplishments:
Swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean in the same day • Surfed and snowboarded in the same day • Waterfall repelled in Costa Rica • Lived in California • MS 150 bike ride • Triathlon • Twelve-hour adventure race • Drank milk straight from a cow

Taneen Delaney, Certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Taneen became a dedicated member of the fitness community in Jacksonville, FL and after years of working out, she became a Certified Personal Trainer. She combined all her experience, knowledge, love of fitness and living healthy to develop Fitly Fitness, a unique, fun, and energizing fitness class for women that incorporates health and life coaching. Taneen has worked with children and their families as a school counselor at both the elementary and middle school levels. She has always taken a holistic approach when working with her students, looking at nutrition, health, family, community, and academics. Her goal is to always educate and empower children with the tools necessary to flourish as healthy and happy children.

Now a stay at home mom of two beautiful children, she applies the same approach to caring for her own family. It was only natural to also apply this way of thinking to their family business. As co-founder of evolved Natural Solutions, Taneen takes pride that their company is more than just selling a product; it is a company set out to educate and empower others in making healthy choices.

Find out more about working with Taneen One-on-One here.

Playing with, teaching, and inspiring her children • Loving her husband • Spending time with family and friends • Cooking healthy and delicious meals • Exploring the beauty of the outdoors • Going to the beach • Traveling • Hiking • Decorating her home to reflect their love of nature, adventure, and children

The Origin

Prior to evolvedNS’s creation, we noticed that supplement companies were claiming “high-quality” yet the supplements were testing high in heavy metals, contained cheap harmful synthetics, didn’t contain the full potency claimed on the label, and some were even testing rancid (See Consumer Reports Heavy Metals article for an example). There is almost no regulation as to how a supplement company uses the term “high-quality”.

We’ve performed extensive research into what makes a truly high-quality supplement and the criteria we came up with includes:
• Must meet strict manufacturing standards
• Must avoid cheap synthetics
• Must be tested by a reputable independent lab
• Ingredients must match label claims
• Ingredients are based on clinical research
• Facility visits are performed regularly

evolvedNS was born knowing that there is a demand for high-quality products. We back up our claims and are proud to provide details about our supplements. All our products are manufactured in a facility that is NSF cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, which is one of the highest quality certifications a manufacture can have (see “Beyond High Standards” section below for details). Additionally, our products are third-party (independently) tested to ensure purity and potency (see “Company Transparency” section below for details).

Environmental Stewards

evolved Natural Solutions is committed to ensuring a clean and healthy planet. We use environmentally sound management practices, source from manufactures with similar practices and continuously strive to have the smallest carbon footprint possible.


• Reusing and recycling boxes from recycled material
• Using sustainable managed paper for marketing communication material
• Using recycled shipping containers (50-60% recycled and recyclable)
• In-office recycling


• Use biodegradable and/or reuse packing material
• Sponsor monthly park and beach clean-ups
• Implemented a recycling program for employees
• Operate using Lean, streamlined processes to reduce waste
• Our free gifts are made in the USA out of recycled material


• “Flick off” our operating systems when not in use
• Opted for energy-efficient lighting


• Source raw materials that are sustainable, such as organic coconut sugar
• Use organic ingredients to ensure lower impacts to the environment

We encourage our customers to recycle their bottles once they have finished their supply. Our bottles are made from BPA-free #2 plastic, which is an easily recyclable plastic and is accepted by most curbside and local recycling programs. We are always looking into new packaging technologies that will allow us to ensure your safety while reducing our impact on the environment.

100% 30-Day Guarantee – Purchase Risk-Free

We are committed to providing the very best products which is why we offer a 100% + Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our products within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund you your full payment (less shipping) plus keep your free gift. Just send the bottle with remaining product and we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price.


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