IGNITE MCT Ketone Energy


IGNITE MCT Ketone Energy


Enhanced Physical and Mental Performance

Brief Description: Provides a quick-acting natural liquid energy source, provides a thermogenic immune boost and may help you feel full*

Per Bottle: 8 Fl. oz. – 1 Tablespoon per Serving

Ideal for Vegan, Paleo/Primal, or Low-Carb diets. Mix into smoothies, soups, salad dressings, coffee, or most recipes. Use as an alternative to high carbohydrate energy drinks, in a pre-workout or as a mid-day energy boost.

Contains NO stimulants, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, genetically modi­fied organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, preservatives, flavoring or ingredients of animal origin.

Supports higher mental & physical energy levels, fat loss, metabolic felxibility, reduction in muscle protein breakdown, immune system, intermittent fasting and nutrient absorption.*

Flavor: Unflavored

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Try eliteNQ IGNITE and get immediate increased energy levels and a thermogenic immune boost or your purchase is on us!

MCTs or “medium chain triglycerides” are short-chain length fats. They’re interesting little molecules in that they cannot be stored in the body, so they must be used directly (and preferentially) for energy. MCTs freely enter the mitochondria where they’re both used directly and converted to ketone bodies—an easy way to achieve a modest degree of nutritional ketosis.

eliteNQ IGNITE is pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil which works directly in cells for an extra boost to maximize your mental and physical performance. Very little MCT oil is stored as fat because it is used for energy so quickly. Research shows that MCTs provide more than twice the energy power of carbohydrates and protein.

eliteNQ IGNITE benefits include:

  • 6X Faster Energy – eliteNQ IGNITE converts into energy faster than other oils, 6X faster than coconut oil*
  • Higher Mental Activity – MCT oil is a very clean source of energy for the brain; it works directly in the brain’s mitochondria as fuel*
  • Better Blood Chemistry – Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, controlling LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and boosting HDL (good) cholesterol levels*
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption – Improves the body’s absorption and use of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and E as well as calcium, and magnesium*
  • Immune Protection – Works to control harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi inside the body*
  • Improved Body Composition – May help reduce weight and body fat*
  • Healthy Cell Membranes – Serves as stable building block of cell membranes*
  • Easy Storage – No refrigeration required and liquid at room temperature
  • Make meals more evolved – Flavorless and easy to add into any diet. Mix into a smoothie, soup, sushi, coffee, or best of all, mix with ēRaw!

eliteNQ IGNITE is extracted from palm and coconut oil using a proprietary process that does not use metal catalysts, making it the most potent and pure MCT oil on the market. Additionally, every batch of our IGNITE is tested for heavy metals. eliteNQ IGNITE is 100% capric and caprylic acid, the most beneficial part of coconut oil.*

eliteNQ IGNITE is suitable to cook at temperatures under 320o F. It does not trigger the following allergies: celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk or its derivatives, mollusks, mustard, peanuts (including peanut oil), sesame seed or its derivatives, soybean or its derivatives, Sulfur Dioxide, tree nuts, wheat or its derivatives, and more.

eliteNQ IGNITE is packaged in a non-reactive amber glass bottle which protects the product from oxidation and prevents the leaching of chemicals into the oil. eliteNQ IGNITE is GMO and BSE/TSE-free.

How to Use eliteNQ IGNITE

eliteNQ IGNITE is a supplemental MCT oil that acts as a substitute for some of the usual oil in your diet. It should not be used to replace all of the fat in your diet.

Begin using eliteNQ IGNITE ½-1 tablespoon per day and slowly increase over several days. Too much MCT, especially if consumed on an empty stomach, may result in diarrhea or a stomachache. 1-4 tablespoons per day is recommended. Take alone or mix with your favorite beverage. It can be used in smoothies, food, and many recipes. The best way to maximize energy is to use eliteNQ IGNITE with ēRaw, which will also facilitate absorption of ēRaw’s fat-soluble vitamins.

About Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats with a carbon chain length of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. Most fats that are consumed in the diet are long chain triglycerides (greater than 12 carbons) and are broken down in the intestine and then remade into a special form that can be transported in the blood. But MCTs are absorbed intact and taken to the liver, where they are used directly for energy. In this sense, they are processed very similarly to carbohydrates. Preliminary evidence indicates the MCTs may be useful fat substitute for individuals unable to digest fat. This includes people with fat-malabsorption and enzymatic insufficiency. Other studies indicate that a diet supplemented medium chain triglycerides may reduce weight and body fat more than a diet supplemented with long chain triglycerides.