Exercise Recovery: Active Recovery & Play

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Exercise Recovery: Active Recovery & Play



Whether you CrossFit, endurance or strength train, or compete at a sport, you MUST properly recover in order to maximize your training results, prevent injury and fatigue and get the body you deserve. Most athletes unknowingly spend a majority of their 24 hour day BREAKING DOWN rather than building up their body. And it starts the moment they wake up.

In this program, you will learn active recovery techniques to accelerate recovery and reduce soreness.

What You Get:

• 2+ Weeks of Live Calls and Q&A
• 7 Training Videos
• 14-Day Active Recovery of the Day plan
• Discount on Active Recovery of the Day Membership program
• Audio and Transcripts
• All Downloadable Material
• 100% Online
• Lifetime Access
• Checklists and Cheat sheets
• Extra Resources

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The type and variety of low intensity movement is just as important as your high intensity movements.