Beyond Training: Complete Exercise Recovery

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Beyond Training: Complete Exercise Recovery

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“The Yang of training. The equal and opposite reaction.”

In this online workshop, you will learn how to stack the deck in your favor so that you can effectively change your body, achieve your goals faster and feel better doing it. You will learn how to add recovery SEAMLESSLY into your current lifestyle.

What You Get:

•12 + Weeks of Live Calls and Q&A
•12 + Training Videos
•Audio and Transcripts
•All Downloadable Material
•100% Online
•Lifetime Access
•Checklists and Cheat Sheets
•Extra Resources
•14-Day Recovery Plan
•4 Active Recovery of the Day movement practices during each week

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Learn how to accelerate and maximize adaptation to your training

What do you currently do for recovery? How do you know it's working?

Whether you CrossFit, endurance or strength train, or compete at a sport, you MUST properly recover in order to maximize your training results, prevent injury and fatigue and get the body you deserve. Most athletes unknowingly spend a majority of their 24 hour day BREAKING DOWN rather than building up their body. And it starts the moment they wake up.

In this program, we take a holistic approach to recovery, looking at all the aspects that reduce stress and accelerate the adaptation process from training. Whether your a recreational weekend warrior or hard charging athletes, proper recovery can help you achieve your goals faster.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • Persistently “meh” workouts, plateaus or a decrease in performance
  • Difficulty losing fat especially around the midsection
  • Minor, nagging injuries or feeling sore and achy all the time
  • Not feeling 100% — catching minor bugs, feeling run-down
  • Poor sleep, feeling restless on the nights you train or irregular sleep patterns
  • Never feeling well-rested in the morning or low energy throughout the day
  • Loss of sex drive

If so, it's time to step up your recovery.

You will learn:

  • How to recover both physically and mentally
  • How to stay energized all day, even after the most brutal morning workout
  • How to burn fat AND build muscle with LESS training
  • Why you may not want to eat anything post-workout (even a protein shake)
  • The 10 Pillars of fitness recovery
  • Why MORE sleep may not be better (and how to improve your sleep tonight)
  • How exercise can make you weaker (and how to prevent it) and more

Proper recovery will:

  • Improve performance & fitness results
  • Speed progression
  • Speed adaptation, so you can train again sooner (or less)
  • Reduce injuries
  • Improve flexibility
  • Continue momentum on off days
  • Burn fat easier
  • Preempt overtraining and nervous system fatigue
  • Boost resilience
  • Help you feel and see results when you train

Breakdown of lessons covered:

  • Module 1: Deep Dive into Stress - Allostatic Load and Homeostasis
  • Module 2: Overtraining, Overreaching & Supercompensation
  • Module 3: What’s Going on Under the Hood - The Science of Training
  • Module 4: Intro to the 10 Pillars of Recovery
  • Modules 5-14: Deep Dive Into Each Pillar
    • Sleep
    • Mindset
    • Stay Active & Play
    • Sustenance
    • Sunshine & Circadian Rhythm
    • Social Connection
    • Symbiosis & Digestion
    • Smart Supplementation
    • Therapeutic Techniques
    • Technology

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Recovery Stacking - Maximize Your Recovery with Minimal Effort

If you are a gym, spa, or retreat owner and would like to schedule this program live, we offer a 2-Day Workshop. Contact us here for details.