ēLine Core – Daily Supplements, ēvolved 

The ēLine Core is the first comprehensive daily supplement line designed for those looking to take the next step in optimizing their health. There are key nutrients our bodies need to live a long and healthy life. We have incorporated those nutrients into this eight-product line which is customizable based on your dietary needs.

We have redefined Industry standards to help you get closer to achieving optimal performance, wellness, and longevity – with all the nutritional support you need. 

The ēLine Core is:

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade
  • Independently Tested by a Reputable Lab
  • Manufactured in a GMP Facility
  • Based on Scientific Research

Invest in your health and take it to the next level – feel healthier and more energetic in just 30 days by providing the nutrition your body needs. The most important thing for your health is what you put in your body!*


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The Foundation of Your Nutrition Starts Here

Before heading out on a long journey you need to pack the essentials: food, water, and clothing. The same goes for your health. Before you focus on building muscle or addressing health issues, you need to focus on the basics; you need to balance your body with the right nutrition. Once you’ve taking care of your core requirements, then you can truly focus on the details, tweaking the body to its maximum potential. That’s why we created the ēLine Core, a set of daily supplements to give your body the foundation it requires to function at its peak.

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How Supplements and Multivitamins Complement Each Other

Combining a healthy diet with appropriate multivitamins and supplements is the foundation to achieving optimum wellness and longevity. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, many people turn to multivitamins such as ēMulti. ēMulti is a complete multivitamin and vital mineral complex that provides essential nutrients to help fill in the gaps left by an incomplete diet.

The typical American diet has nutrient gaps, making it wise to include a daily multivitamin. Many health-conscious people also choose to further supplement their diets beyond a multivitamin, but it can be a difficult process choosing the right combination of products.

evolvedNS’s ēLine Core is the only high-quality supplement line specifically formulated to complement a multivitamin, which makes your choice simpler. Combining a healthy diet with appropriate multivitamins and supplements is a good way to give your body what it needs to reach your health goals