Methyl B12 Plus Lozenge

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Methyl B12 Plus Lozenge


Brief Description: Vitamin B12 + Folate in a delicious lozenge  

Per Bottle: 90

Contains no wheat, yeast, sugar, gluten, soy, milk/dairy, sodium, GMOs, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.

Supports general health, heart, neurons, brain, and nerves *

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B12 is known as the energy vitamin, needed for blood formation, DNA synthesis, energy production and myelin formation. B12 is well-known for improving alertness, boosting attention span, sharpening concentration and bolstering memory. It also can help relieve stress.

Methyl B12 Plus provides Metafolin® L-methylfolate and vitamin B12 methylcobalamin in a great-tasting lozenge that rapidly dissolves in the mouth. Methylfolate and methylcobalamin are the predominant forms of B vitamins commonly found in cells that do not require additional conversion in the body. Methyl B12 Plus lozenges are sweetened naturally with xylitol, mannitol and flavored with natural black cherry and vanilla.


  • Aids a stronger brain as you age
  • A superior, highly bioavailable form of vitamin B-12 & Folate
  • More bioactive form than cyanocobalamin and folic acid (the most common types found in supplements)
  • Supports healthy heart, brain cells and nervous system
  • Necessary for DNA and Amino Acid metabolism
  • Natural vanilla flavor and convenient chewable lozenge


Methyl B12 Plus goes to work fast — making it the preferred form of folate supplementation. Folate is necessary in the production of everything from DNA to amino acids — working hard to help support your heart, your nervous system, and more. Methyl B12 Plus is the most abundant form of active folate in the body. 


Methyl B-12 is essential for DNA synthesis, and supports healthy brain cells and nerve tissue to keep you sharp and on top of your game. 

Why B-12 From Methylcobalamin?

Other forms of B-12 — like the more common cyanocobalamin — require your liver to convert them into a form your body can actually use. However, because our Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12 Plus) doesn’t require conversion, it is ready for your body to use.