Why Use A Protein Supplement?


Protein is the building block of life making it a vital component for an overall healthy lifestyle. All meals (including snacks) should include all three macro-nutrients (unprocessed carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality protein); yet most American diets are high in carbohydrates and low in quality protein. Without high-quality protein, you cannot create healthy heart and muscle tissue, hormones, enzymes, and many other vital body structures. Protein supports bone health, muscle recovery, and lean tissue growth. Current data suggests that protein needs are higher not only for active individuals, but also for: • Children and teens who are still growing • Dieters • Vegetarians • The elderly

Protein is especially important for healthy aging. Protein requirements for the elderly may be higher than that suggest for a young adult. This higher requirement may derive from a lower efficiency of protein utilization in advanced age, despite the associated decrease in muscle mass. Failure to meet these increased protein needs may negatively affect an individual’s immune-competence and recovery from medical complications. Additionally, the lack of adequate protein intake as we age, can actually encourage overall muscle deterioration and the loss of bone density, especially in the hip and spine areas.

As you age, your body gradually loses its ability to produce critical amino acids, the essential proteins you need for energy production, immune actions and protein buildup in the muscle. Therefore, the need to supplement with these amino acids increases as you get older and increases even more in times of high physical stress, like after a workout, or when recovering from injury or illness.

A protein supplement isn’t just for athletic men; many women do not ingest adequate amounts of protein. The common misconception that taking a protein supplement like ēWhey will bulk up a woman is completely false. Women lack the hormones that men have that allow them to get those large bulky muscles. A woman usually gets an overall toned appearance, and will likely lose belly fat in the process.