What Do You Truly Want In Life? – Goal Setting

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How can you make progress if you don’t know where you’re going? The New Year is approaching and I wanted to ensure you start off on the right track. Now that you know WHAT you need to focus on for a long healthy, and happy lifetime, you need to develop a plan. What are you trying to accomplish; do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, become an international traveler, all the above? In order to successfully achieve a goal, you need to define it. Defining the goal enables you to lay out an actionable plan and also lets you know when it’s time to celebrate for achieving the goal.
First, define a few (2-5) large long-term goals/bucket list items that are important to you. Have you said for years that you want to loose 10 pounds? Do you REALLY want that? Do you want it bad enough to put the required work into it? Or do you just like the idea of losing 10 pounds? If you set goals you really don't want, you most likely won't achieve them and think "Setting goals doesn't work; it's stupid." Be honest with yourself on what you truly want.
Next break each of those goals into small, short-term goals. This allows you to develop an incremental plan to achieve the ultimate goal and helps you really define how/what you need to do to get there. When developing your goals, be honest with yourself. I recommend using the SMART method of defining a goal. This will help you clearly and realistically determine what you need to accomplish to be successful. • Specific - What, Why, and How • Measurable – Measure it so you know your progress and stay motivated. • Attainable/Achievable – be realistic but stretch it a bit. • Relevant – Align with what you want and what’s a priority to you. • Time-bound – Specific month, quarter or year-end but not too far out.
Here's an example of one of my goals for the New Year: Complete a 100 meter hand-stand walk by April 2013. It's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (to my fitness goals) and Time-bound.
Once you have your goals defined, write then down and hang them in a place where you will see them frequently. Look at them every day or week and determine what you are going to do that day/week that will put you one step closer to achieving it.
What’s on your bucket list?