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"Health is the ability to live your dreams." - Moshe Feldenkrais, Creator of the Feldenkrais Method
The Core Health Assessment is a comprehensive questionnaire based on the latest nutritional and health recommendations. It takes into account your current diet, level of activity and quality of life, focusing on the five most influential factors of healthy living and will identify your core health gaps so you can get faster and superior health and fitness results.
The Core Health Assessment covers the following five foundational factors: • Nutrition • Exercise • Optimal Sunlight (Vitamin D) • Stress • Sleep
Based on the responses provided, an analysis will be made to determine where you fall short in the five factors.
Lifestyle, nutritional, and supplement recommendations will be made to help you optimize your health. For any nutritional gaps identified, we always recommend you opt for the whole food route first. If you can’t, then we recommend going for the supplement.
Armed with the assessment results, you’ll be able to focus on your weak points and continue to strengthening your strong points.
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QUESTION: How do you define health?