Meet the Founders of evolved Natural Solutions

Troy and Taneen Delaney have always valued whole food nutrition. There came a time with kids and working full-time jobs that the all-important whole food meals began to fall to the waste-side. Since the Delaney’s understood the importance of core nutrition, they decided to supplement when needed. The problem they ran into was that all the supplements they tried didn’t work, tasted awful, or contained undesirable or even harmful ingredients. With two kids in tow, they decided to make it their mission to develop the highest quality supplements that tasted great and actually worked. Now the Delaney’s have proudly developed a company that encompasses exactly what they set out to find; a company made by nature, based on science, and evolved to perfection. Through all their research and development, they have empowered themselves with knowledge and have set out to educate others on the importance of living a continuously improving lifestyle.

Troy Delaney - Co-Founder/Strategic Planning

Troy received a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Physical Science and an MBA from the University of Central Florida. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, so quality and continuous improvement are part of his daily life. He has always been interested in nutrition and fitness. Troy enjoys the outdoors and pushing his physical and mental limits. He has ran many 5-15Ks and competed in various extreme races.

Hobbies: Playing with his wife and kids • Snowboarding • Mountain biking • Fitness and nutrition research (and applying it!)

Bucket List Accomplishments: Swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean in the same day • Surfed and snowboarded in the same day • Waterfall repelled in Costa Rica • Lived in California • MS 150 bike ride • Triathlon • Twelve-hour adventure race • Drank milk straight from a cow

Bucket List To-Dos: Give a motivational speech to a crowd of thousands at TEDx Talks, Write a book, Snowboard in a Speedo (because Speedos make everything better), Produce a feature-length movie, Inspire a subculture

Taneen Delaney - Co-Founder/Operations Manager

Taneen received a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Central Florida. Taneen has worked with children and their families at both the elementary and middle school levels. She has always taken a holistic approach when working with her students, looking at nutrition, health, family, community, and academics. Her goal is to always educate and empower children with the tools necessary to flourish as healthy and happy children.

Now a stay at home mom of two beautiful children, she applies the same approach to caring for her own family. It was only natural to also apply this way of thinking to their family business. As co-founder of evolved Natural Solutions, Taneen takes pride that their company is more than just selling a product; it is a company set out to educate and empower others in making healthy choices.

Hobbies: Playing with, teaching, and inspiring her children • Loving her husband • Spending time with family and friends • Cooking healthy and delicious meals • Exploring the beauty of the outdoors • Going to the beach • Traveling • Hiking • Decorating her home to reflect their love of nature, adventure, and children