Evolved Life - Living a Continuously Improving Lifestyle

How does streamlining your life and improving it at the same time sound? Life is all about continuous improvement – taking small steps (or big leaps) toward making life better. Strive for perfection – you may never get there but having that as your end goal will make you one step closer to it.

Evolved Life is more than just a blog – it’s a lifestyle. Living the evolved Life is the philosophy to improve one’s lifestyle through proactively managing one’s life and eliminating anything that fails to maximize one’s potential. Live it and you’ll be happier, healthier and a more productive person with more time to spend on the things you love with those you love.

Two qualities need to exist to experience continuous improvement: remain open-minded and be experimental. Try something for 30 days and see if your life improves. If it does, incorporate it into your routine. Remain a critical thinker but don't be afraid to try something new. Some of the blog ideas may be unconventional but thinking outside the norm is what gets us ahead – it’s what sets us apart from others.

The sad truth is, a majority of people won’t even attempt to try something new and most of those who do, won’t stick to it for more than a week. Humans are naturally resistant to change but change is the only way we can truly grow.

Each week, we will blog about best practices in a specific category that can improve your lifestyle. The categories will range from nutrition/fitness to family life. We'll have guest blogs to share best practices and lessons learned in their field of expertise, so stay tuned. Even applying one best practice may significantly change your life for the better.

The Evolved Life mantra: *Keep an open mind. *Ignorance is deadly – ALWAYS continue to learn. *Experiment with EVERYTHING – See what works for you. *Challenge the saying “That’s how I’ve always done it.”

Evolve to perfection.

What would you like to improve?