Build Your Foundation - The Importance of Core Nutrition

Start Your New Year off right with eVolution Jumpstart! A 30-day program designed to optimize your digestion and energy levels, boost your metabolism and immune system, reduce inflammation, improve body composition, slow aging and jumpstart your body to optimal health. More details to come in January 2013. “You want a metabolism booster? You’re in luck because we have a whole shelf full of them.” I’ve always found it funny to see people walk out of GNC with a massive bottle of fat burners and containers full of “extreme stacks”. Those same people are probably deficient in key nutrients like vitamin D and K, and are probably only consuming a fraction of the whole, nutrient-dense foods they should be consuming to perform at their peak.

Before heading out on a long hike, you need to pack the essentials: food, water, and clothing. The same goes for your health. Before you focus on building muscle or addressing health issues, you need to focus on the basics; you need to balance your body with the right nutrition. Once you’ve taken care of your core requirements, then you can truly focus on the details, tweaking the body to its maximum potential. By focusing on your core nutrition first, you will optimize digestion and energy levels, boost your metabolism & immune system, reduce inflammation, improve body composition, slow aging and jumpstart your body to optimal health.

When I refer to Core Nutrition, I’m referring to macronutrients (quality protein, healthy fat and unprocessed carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonurtients, and antioxidants). Macronutrients and micronutrients complement each other, working together to improve nutrient absorption, metabolism and blood-lipid profiles. For example, many minerals are co-factors to enzymes and chemical reactions within the body. Without taking sufficient amounts of these minerals, your body can’t do what it’s supposed to do efficiently, if at all. Another example is eating healthy fat, which the American diet severely lacks. If you don’t eat healthy fat with every meal, you’re not absorbing the fat-soluble vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamin E found in your food and missing out on key nutrients your brain and the rest of the body needs to function optimally. Unless you've been medically directed, you don’t want to be extremely low carb and deficient in glucose (starches) or deficient in protein or invaluable fats.

Supplements work synergistically as well with the food you eat. If you take fish oil, it's best to take it with a meal that contains eggs. Egg yolk contains choline, a nutrient that helps your body absorb the fish oil.

The takeaway here is, before going out and spending a ton of money on supplements, try optimizing your core nutrition and you might not even need fat burners and extreme stacks. If you have optimized your core nutrition and aren’t reaching your health/fitness goals and need a boost, then it might be worth looking into additional supplementation. You can lose more weight, get better performance and/or feel healthier if you strive to be very well nourished with macro and micronutrients rather than reducing calories.

Are you taking in the core nutrition to sustain a healthy lifestyle? We will be launching a FREE Core Nutrition Assessment in January 2013.