Are your supplements doing you more harm than good?

Before starting evolved Natural Solutions, I was continuously looking into what makes a truly high quality product. Why was this important? When we’re talking about things that we consume and become part of our body, I think it should be one of the most important things you consider. Most people are only interested in short-term results and don’t consider the long term effects. What most people don’t realize is that consuming artificial colors & sweeteners, isolated synthetics, and heavy metals over a long period of time can have negative effects on your body. For instance, using a whey protein that contains high levels of heavy metals (Consumer Reports article) may not impact you in the short term, but heavy metals build up in your system. Over time, this could severely impact your health. I believe consuming safe, truly high-quality supplements far outweigh the short–term results you may experience with inferior, low-quality supplements.

While doing research for creating our high-quality supplements, I found six characteristics that are required to be considered “high quality”: • Must meet strict manufacturing standards such as GMP certified • Must avoid cheap synthetics, additives or artificial ingredients • Must be tested by a reputable independent lab • Ingredients must match label claims • Ingredients are based on clinical research • Facility visits are performed regularly

Be cautious of inferior supplements, even if they claim “high quality”; they can do more harm than good. Some signs that a supplement may be inferior, a waste of money, or even dangerous are: • Not independently tested which ensures potency and purity • Cheaply made using synthetic isolates, additives or artificial ingredients; synthetic, isolated nutrients don’t always have the same effect on the body. Multivitamin manufacturers often use the cheapest possible ingredients, such as folic acid instead of natural folate – the consequences of which can be potentially toxic. • Made in facilitates not compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) (at minimum) • Sits on a store shelf for months or even years • Not based on independent clinical research

evolvedNS’s supplements are pharmaceutical-grade, meaning they are manufactured following strict quality control practices, exceeding cGMP standards. In fact, they are at the very same level of quality that you would find at a healthcare practitioner’s office. So when we say “high-quality”, we mean it. You can find more information on the quality of our products here.