Top 9 Health & Fitness Apps

Here are my top apps that cover the entire spectrum of health and fitness: nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplementation, stretching, stress, forming habits, vitamin D, and brain performance. It’s all here!
My Plate by LIVESTRONG.COM (FREE) This is a great app for tracking what you eat. You can track your calorie intake, macro breakdown (fat, protein, and carbs) and set intake goals. What I really like about this app is that it has the largest database of food and restaurant items along with the nutritional content. So if you go eat at Chipotle, you can log that mega-burrito you ate. You can also set up an account online that syncs with the app.
RunKeeper (FREE)

This app is great for tracking your workout performance over time, while connecting with your friends to make your workouts social. You can set a training schedule like preparing for a 5K run and it has the capability to log your aerobic workouts (walking, running, rowing, etc.) as well as track your distance and speed. You can also sync a playlist to a workout.

My favorite feature is the ability to set up intervals. I have the following workout setup: Run for 1:30 Slow then 0:30 Fast repeating 8 times with a 5 minute cool down (which I usually only jog for 2 minutes). The the app will tell you when the next interval begins. This is a great 20 minute interval workout.
Yoga Stretch (FREE)

Create up to 5 of your favorite yoga sessions or play their preloaded sessions. You can also play your own background music with your phones iTunes music selection. Great for making a short 5 minute yoga session to do first thing in the morning.
Sleep Cycle ($1.99) Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement to determine which sleep phase you are in. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock – it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.
My Dietary Supplements (MyDS) (FREE) MyDS enables you to keep track of dietary supplements and other products you use. MyDS also allows you to create multiple profiles so that you can keep track of the products you take as well as a list of any products that your family members may take.

MyDS includes accurate and up-to-date consumer-focused fact sheets about dietary supplements, developed by the Office of Dietary Supplements.
Lift (FREE) From losing weight to flossing your teeth, this app can help you develop healthy habits. All you do is set your goal - browse the most popular habits or create your own. Then track your progress through a personal report. And you can have your friends keep you accountable and cheer you on.
D Minder (FREE) This app will help you track and manage your Vitamin D. You setup basic information one time, like your height and weight and skin type and then any time you are outside, during the prescribed hours (and parts of the year), you can have it determine the amount of D you are getting in a stopwatch interface. It will also track how long you can stay out and warn you when the time is up or when it's time to flip to your other side.

The app will also notify you with the next opportunity to generate vitamin D.

Each day, you can see forecasts based on your location, and you can also see the solar position, your generated vitamin D vs. target etc.
Lumosity Brain Trainer (FREE but there is a fee to upgrade for more games) Improve your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts. Lumosity creates a Personalized Training Program that helps you achieve your goals. All you have to do is play fun games like Memory.
Calm (FREE) While it’s easy to put off meditation and relaxation, sometimes everyone needs a break from everyday stressors. Calm can help you reduce stress and increase calm. By downloading this app, you’ll discover how quieting your mind can improve your mood - and your life. Calm is an app that guides you through a quick meditation. You decided whether you have two, five or ten minutes, and what nature scene inspires you most. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and be calm.

QUESTION: What are your favorite health or fitness apps?

I’d love to hear from you! Share your questions, thoughts and stories.