All Things Breathing

Breathing is typically an ignored topic when it comes to health, yet breathing properly can improve oxygenation through your body, including your brain, is a powerful strategy for relieving stress and anxiety and even boosts physical performance. It’s one thing we have to do to survive, yet never practice doing it correctly! One of the most simple yet beneficial things I’ve ever done is learn to control my breathing.

4-7-8 Do This Right Now  | Quick Win (1 minute to perform)

4-7-8 is your formula for instant calm. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose for four counts. Then hold your breath for seven counts. Now exhale through your mouth for eight. Repeat this cycle three more times. Relaxed, right? You can thank Andrew Weil, M.D., founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Shut your Mouth and Change your Life | TEDx Video (16:32)

Decongest your nose, increase your body temperature and activate your bodies relaxation response in three to four minutes by simply nose breathing.

How Many Minutes of Daily Meditation to Combat Stress? | Article (2 minute read)

How powerful is just focusing on your breathing for 12 minutes a day? According to this article, "caregivers of family members with dementia were randomized to just 12 minutes of daily meditation for eight weeks, or just about ten hours in total. The meditators experienced significant benefit, including better mental and psychological function" 

Boost Cognitive Performance through Breathing | Video - Part 1 (18:41)Part 2 (26:14)

In this video Dr. Walkins shows how controlling your breath can help increase cognitive performance.

Rhinomed Turbine Nasal Dilator for Athletic | Product Recommendation       Do you have trouble breathing through your nose, particularly during a workout? Turbine is a soft, pliable polymer stent that dilates your nose, resulting in increased airflow to the lungs. It is designed to fit comfortably inside the nose and gently open each individual nostril to allow more airflow during sport, physical exertion or focused breathing (such as yoga and meditation). Turbine has been proven in clinical trials to increase air flow through nasal passages, on average, up to 38% over nasal strips. Turbine not only increases the amount of air you can inhale through your nose, it reminds you to breathe in a more controlled and efficient way


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