The Aeropress - Improve the Way You Make a Cup of Coffee

I don’t normally do product reviews but after getting the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker for my birthday, the way I make coffee has changed completely.

Not only do I now drink the best tasting cup of coffee (yes, even better than Starbucks!), but the taste is consistently great, it literally takes less than a minute (with clean-up), and it’s perfect for making my evolved coffee.
Consistency Great If you use the simple rule of 12g of coffee to 200g of water at 175-180 degrees F, you will NEVER be disappointed. You don’t have to be that specific unless you’re very particular about your coffee.

Here are the four reasons you get an unbelievably flavored coffee from the Aeropress: 1. Total immersion brewing completely immerses the coffee grounds in water, ensuring all of the grounds come into contact with the same temperature of water. Drip coffee makers typically only allow the water to contact the grounds in the center causing over-extraction, adding bitterness and unnatural flavors to the final cup.

2. Finer-ground coffee allows the extraction of more flavor in less time.

3. A 20 second steep and extract allows you to use moderate temperature water which produces a less acidic coffee.

4. Air pressure extraction method "pushes" the water through the coffee grounds, which shortens filtering time, increasing flavor and eliminating unwanted over-extraction and bitterness in the coffee.
Easy After heating the water, you can have a cup of coffee ready in 1 minute, including clean-up. Add an additional minute if you freshly-grind your coffee, which I recommend. It’s so easy my 4 year old son helped me make a cup. Watch the video here.
Portable The Aeropress can be taken and make coffee anywhere: camping, work…even on a flight!
Great Value The Aeropress is less expensive than a fancy drip machine, a French press AND an espresso maker.
I would recommend getting the stainless steel filter to avoid using the bleached white filters that come with it. Paper filters filter out the antioxidant-rich oils found in coffee. See this post for more info.
TIP: Use good quality water. I like to use Reverse Osmosis filtered water. The taste is significantly better than regular tap water.
Don’t miss the video Brixton and I made on how to use the Aeropress (it's more entertaining than useful :-)) WATCH NOW

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