7 Reasons You Should Walk During Your Lunch Break

Did you know that taking a 30 minute walk every day can significantly improve your health and well-being? Just 30 minutes - It’s true! Especially if you sit in an office or in front of a computer all day. I like to take my walk during lunch, and just eat lunch while I’m working. I even in the middle of the Florida summer. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I fell better (after I cool down). Here’s 7 reasons why you should take a walk at lunchtime -

1. Great Cardio – Walk fast enough to raise your heart rate slightly. There are a ton of benefits to cardio exercise so I don’t think I need to elaborate.

2. Walking gets you on your feet - And away from sitting – There are many health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time. It is strongly linked with increased mortality and metabolic syndrome, obesity, hip mobility issues, and negative cardiovascular effects.

3. Get some sun - Expose as much of your skin as possible without getting arrested or fired:) 30 minutes may be all you need each day to get your needed dose of vitamin D.

4. Clear your thoughts – take time to listen to some music, a podcast or just enjoy the walk and clear your thoughts. Get out of the work mentality for 30 minutes – it’s refreshing!

5. Fresh Air – Get a break from breathing that indoor air.

6. Eye Break – Give your eyes a break from staring at that computer screen.

7. Build a Relationship – Walk with a co-worker, subordinate or manager to strength the relationship. It's a great time to talk about things other than work.

The important thing and to get the most out of a 30 minute walk is to make it a habit and do it consistently. Force yourself to get in the habit and do it every day. It’s so simple and so good for you!