2 Simple Tips for Better Posture (and Confidence)

Try to focus on these two things throughout your day to significantly improve your posture. Do it as often as possible, especially when taking your daily walk.

1. Pinch your shoulders back while keeping your shoulders down. This keeps you from slouching and prevents the wear and tear from working at a computer all day. As an example, envision a pencil between your shoulder blades. Try to focus on keeping that pencil in the same place without it falling. 2. Pull your bellybutton in as if a string were pulling it through your back. This keeps your core engaged not only strengthening it but also keeps your spine straight.

If you have poor posture, this may be awkward at first but stick with it to retrain your muscles.

How does this help with confidence? By engaging your core and forcing your head to look up, you'll look and feel more confident. I would love to hear from you! Comment and share.